2022 Panini Luminance Football Hobby Box

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Expected Release Date: August 10, 2022

Configuration: 12 boxes/4 packs/10 cards

2022 Panini Luminance NFL Football Cards Box Hits:

  • (3)¬†Autographed Cards
  • (1)¬†Memorabilia Card
  • (5)¬†Parallels
  • (4)¬†Inserts
  • (12)¬†Rookies

2022 Panini Luminance NFL Football Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (3)¬†Autographed Cards¬†and¬†(1)¬†Memorabilia Card¬†in¬†Every Box!
    • Portrait Signatures¬†- Look for autographs from some of the¬†league‚Äôs biggest stars,¬†featuring¬†up-close, portrait-style photography.
    • Returning in¬†2022, look for¬†ON-CARD¬†autographs¬†in¬†Year One Signatures. Chase¬†SP¬†and¬†SSP ink variations¬†of all the¬†top talent¬†from the¬†2021 NFL Draft (Red Ink, Green Ink¬†and¬†Purple Ink!)
    • Year One Dual Signatures¬†- Find short-printed¬†ON-CARD¬†dual rookie autographs.
    • Find a¬†colorful redesign¬†of¬†Illuminated Ink, which includes some of the¬†best players¬†in the¬†NFL.
    • Returning for¬†2022, find¬†patch autographs¬†from some of the¬†NFL's most elite players!
    • NEW!¬†Hunt for¬†Shutter Signatures, featuring a¬†sleek design¬†of some of the¬†NFL‚Äôs biggest stars, with¬†parallels¬†max #‚Äôd from 99 to 1!
    • NEW!¬†Look for¬†Trailblazing Signatures, featuring¬†stunning landscapes¬†and¬†mesmerizing color, this insert highlights some of the¬†NFL‚Äôs best players¬†with¬†parallels¬†max #‚Äôd from 99 to 1!
  • (4)¬†Inserts¬†in¬†Every Box!
    • NEW!¬†Look for¬†RARE¬†inserts¬†such as¬†Dynamic, Vestige, Fuzion, and¬†Sheesh!¬†Find the return of the¬†SP Case hit inserts¬†such as¬†Far Out¬†and¬†Moments!
      • NEW!¬†Chase the¬†Vestige insert, featuring¬†frame-by-frame images¬†of some¬†NFL stars‚Äô best plays. Hunt for the¬†Platinum parallel¬†numbered 1/1!
      • NEW!¬†Hunt for the¬†insert Sheesh,¬†featuring¬†jaw-dropping plays¬†from the¬†NFL‚Äôs best, featuring¬†parallels¬†max #'d from 100 to 1!
      • NEW!¬†Hunt for the¬†Vector insert, featuring¬†artwork-like imagery¬†of some of the¬†NFL‚Äôs biggest names. Look for the 1/1¬†Black parallel!
  • Luminance Base Set¬†- Find stunning,¬†full-bleed action photography¬†of all the¬†best players¬†the¬†NFL¬†has to offer with¬†Base Luminance.
    • Find¬†horizontal¬†and¬†vertical versions¬†of¬†Base Luminance¬†and its¬†parallels¬†printed on¬†holographic cardstock!¬†(5)¬†Parallels¬†in¬†Every Box!
    • (12)¬†Rookies¬†in¬†Every Box!
      • Look for some of the¬†first¬†officially licensed trading cards¬†of the top 2022 NFL prospects.¬†Find¬†horizontal¬†and¬†vertical versions¬†of¬†Base Luminance¬†and its¬†parallels¬†printed on¬†holographic cardstock!¬†(5)¬†Parallels¬†in¬†Every Box!

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