2022 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball Hobby Box

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Release Date: November 9, 2022

Configuration: 12 boxes/18 packs/8 cards

2022 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball Cards Box Hits:

  • (2)Ā Autographed Cards
  • (3)Ā Base Set SPs
  • (11)Ā Inserts
  • (1)Ā 3-Card Box-Topper

2022 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (2)Ā Autographed CardsĀ inĀ Every Box!
    • Real One Autographs
      • Color Border Parallels:Ā BlueĀ #'d to 99,Ā BlackĀ #'d to 50,Ā GoldĀ NEW!Ā #'d to 25,Ā RedĀ #'d 1-of-1
    • Base Card Image Variation Autographs -Ā #'d to 50
    • Real One Dual AutographsĀ - #'d to 20
    • NEW!Ā 1973 Topps 1953 Reprint AutographsĀ #'d to 99
      • Color Border Parallels:Ā BlackĀ #'d to 50,Ā GoldĀ NEW!Ā #'d to 25,Ā RedĀ #'d 1-of-1
    • NEW!Ā 1973 Topps Pack Cover AutographsĀ #'d to 50 w/ aĀ Red ParallelĀ #'d 1-of-1
  • (11)Ā InsertsĀ inĀ Every Box!
    • NEW!Ā 1973 Topps Tarjetas ā€“Ā (1:4.5 Packs)Ā - Drawing inspiration from the variousĀ Latin American winter league cardsĀ of theĀ 1970s, these cards will highlight some of our favoriteĀ Copa de la DiversiĆ³n teamsĀ from theĀ 2022 MiLB season.
    • NEW!Ā 1974 Topps Pack Cover ā€“Ā (1:4.5 Packs)Ā - A varied design off of the famousĀ Topps 1973 Baseball pack wrap, this insert will showcase some of theĀ most prolific prospectsĀ inĀ MiLB.
    • NEW!Ā 1973 Topps 1953 Reprintā€“Ā (1:6 Packs)Ā - InĀ 1973, ToppsĀ reissued theĀ iconic artĀ from theĀ 1953 setĀ with aĀ fresh/simplified designĀ twist really letting the image breathe. This will be a recreation of that open design, highlightingĀ top MiLB players.
  • 200-Card Base Set
    • Color Border Parallels:Ā BlueĀ #'d to 99,Ā GreenĀ #'d to 75 ,Ā BlackĀ #'d to 50,Ā GoldĀ #'d 10,Ā RedĀ #'d 1-of-1
    • Base Card Short Prints (Card #s 201 220)Ā (1:6 Packs)
    • Base Card Image Variations
  • (1)Ā 3-Card Box-TopperĀ inĀ Every Box!
    • NEW!Ā 1973 Topps Baseball Pin-up CardsĀ - ThisĀ box topper insertĀ features aĀ card-size versionĀ of theĀ famously unreleased 1973 Topps Pin-Up poster prototype.
    • NEW!Ā 1973 Topps Baseball Pin-up Cards AutographsĀ - #ā€™d to 25 w/Ā FoilFractor ParallelĀ #'d 1-of-1

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