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Exciting New Changes in 2023

Nov 05, 2022Tj Blogumas
Hey Ya'll - wanted to let you in on some upcoming changes we got planned and get your feedback.
  1. New Main Camera View - Please let me know if the new camera used last night is same/better/worse than before
  2. Low priority but working on implementing support.blogshobbyshop.com so you can create a ticket with us in case of questions/issues/etc.
  3. Also work on building on FAQ section on support.blogshobbyshop.com to answer all the common questions we get about box breaks
  4. 2 New Live Breakers - We intend to add 2 part-time breakers into the rotation starting in 2-3 weeks. CJ will be one as well as a new name. Their breaks will be purchased like any other break just ran a different time by a different person obviously. They will run on average at least 2 breaks per week.
  5. Break Notification System - I am actively working on programming an entire notification system that will eventually 1-email you when a break you bought into has sold out/closed and then 2-text you when the live break stream has started
  6. The above will also have to come with another change. I intend to migrate all box breaks to blogshobbyshop.com and retire blogsboxbreaks.com by the end of the year. Coin balances will not transfer, so I want to give ya'll a heads up there.
  7. New rewards program for purchases on blogshobbyshop.com looking at Q1 2023 to implement
  8. Live in-person events with Athletes starting in January. We'll start live streaming on-location in-person signing events with some big name athletes! There will be opportunities to win free autographed memorabilia, purchase personalized signed memorabilia, purchase tickets for the events as well tons of new items available to purchase from our website!
  9. New Brick and Mortar Acquisition in 2023 - more to come later
  10. Certified Box Breaker program rolled out in 2023 - we will begin taking applications to become part of our breaker network. More details to come next year.
Tons of things in the works behind the scenes guys and I'm beyond excited to roll them out!

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