PSA Group Grading Submission


Got that perfect Gem hit and now it's time to get graded but not sure what to do? Don't worry, Blogs is here to help!

Authorized PSA Dealer

1 of only 2 authorized PSA Dealers in the Kansas City area

Prep Service

We review your cards to ensure they are submitted in the best possible condition to maximize chance at highest possible grading score


PSA has high standards for how cards should be packaged and shipped to them for grading. Don't be delayed because you missed a step or accidently packaged something wrong.

Breaks to Grading

Save on shipping costs! If you won a card in one of our Blogs Box Breaks, we can hold and submit for grading! Simply contact us ASAP after your break and we'll prepare your card for grading. Don't risk multiple shipments and potential damage to your card!


We'll review your card to ensure the correct service level is selected for grading. No surprise fees or delays!


We'll share to the world the incredible card you get back from grading with our audience. Never have trouble finding a buyer if you're looking to sell!


No additional fees! We charge the exact pricing PSA charges us!

  • TCG Bulk - 65 Days - $199 Max Declared Value
  • Value Bulk -  65 Days - $499 Max Declared Value
  • Value Plus - 20 Days - $499 Max Declared Value
  • Regular - 10 Days - $1,499 Max Declared Value
  • Express - 5 Days - $2,499 Max Declared Value
  • Super Express - 3 Days - $4,999 Max Declared Value
  • Walk-Through - 3 Days - $9,999 Max Declared Value
  • Value - 75 Days - $499 Max Declared Value
  • Value Plus - 30 Days - $499 Max Declared Value
  • Regular - 15 Days - $1,499 Max Declared Value
  • Express - 5 Days - $2,499 Max Declared Value
  • Super Express - 3 Days - $4,999 Max Declared Value
  • Walk-Through - 3 Days - $9,999 Max Declared Value

Please mail all PSA Submission Cards to the following address:

Blogs Hobby Shop LLC

P.O. Box 6410

Lee's Summit, MO 64064

You can find the status of all our PSA Bulk submissions at the following page on our website:

Updated Every Wednesday.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
My Info Carmack

Wonderful service.

Kevin Basso
Amazing and affordable program

I have used this program a few times over the past 2 years. If you don't submit many cards to PSA it much more affordable than joining the collectors club or sending them to PSA yourself. Blogs will prep and ship your cards (from a break or mailed in) to PSA and return ship with no additional charge when returned. This particular order I shipped 4 cards for $80. I received three 10's and one 9. Couldn't be happier. Thanks Blogs!

Matthew Roffina

PSA Group Grading Submission

David Chaplin
2 Cards PSA Submission

Thank you, great service you provide for customers, i appreciate it

Julio Gonzalez

PSA Group Grading Submission

Kyle G.
Blogs PSA Grading

Only place I get my cards graded. The price is right, and they send cards in very often. Highly recommend getting your cards graded through Blogs Hobby Shop.

Noah Malchow
PSA Group grading

An affordable option for those looking into grading. Turn around times keep getting better and customer service is great like always .

Joseph Masters

All good other than it taking so long to get back from PSA

Jaclyn Redar
Lots of 10s

I've been very happy with Blogs Hobby Shop and their grading service. They make it very easy to send cards to PSA. I was very excited to get back 10s.

Richard Rogers
PSA through Blogs is great

The Blogs are great at making sure all the paper work for PSA is filled out properly. OSA is very specific on sending orders in they are great with the updates and the live reveals.