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From Mr. Blogs - 💖Wrapping up 2022 Thoughts💖

Dec 29, 2022Tj Blogumas

First off, I would just like to say THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart.

2022 was yet again another incredible year for BHS! We continued to grow, expand our product lines, increase our allocations, and pass the savings on for you! Nothing is possible without each and every one of your support, and I truly appreciate the kind words, the good times and the incredible pulls!
Many of you have probably noticed I haven't been breaking as often as I had, that is because I have been extremely busy behind the scenes migrating, planning, and formalizing business processes/plans with our new partners for 2023.

I started BHS on June 1st, 2020 with just 4 boxes of Panini Football cards...


just hoping to close 1 box break a week. I had no following, no customer list, and certainly no "startup funds." I thought that with my genuine interest in not only football, but technology, that I could enjoy the hobby with like minded people who would never have to worry about the purchase they had made. I lost 10's of thousands of dollars those first 6 months, learning how to properly break/sort/ship cards in perfect condition from here to you. Even though I wasn't making a dime for over 6 months, I was genuinely enjoying the small community I was building, growing my passion for not only football even deeper but learning all kinds of things about other sports I never would have known without you guys.


As we head into 2023, BHS is now officially a part of "Big Sports Marketing"


but don't worry, I remain CEO of our much larger family. We are no longer a tiny 2 person operation, charging our personal credit cards to buy product for the business, hoping we can cover our expenses before bills are due. We have enterprise software, budgets, forecasting, plans, and multiple new exciting business lines to build and grow! What started as just a solo hobby, doing everything myself after the kids had gone to bed, is now a full-blown operation with 9 people officially associated with BSM/BHS. 

2023 is going to be huge !


  • As we tweak, improve, and train our new box breakers, we plan to continue to expand our box breaker network, giving you more options, with more expertise in multiple different sports, with the same quality standards as we maintain today. Our family will keep growing, but at our core, the relationship we build with our customers will continue to be personable and genuine. 
  • In addition, with our new partners, we will be able to drastically expand our collectible memorabilia product offerings. We will be able to offer you individual and personalized sports memorabilia from the biggest athletes out there.
  • Lastly, we plan to build out a live-hybrid signing events, where we bring the athletes to you! We will be travelling the country, attending live signing events with athletes while still giving you the opportunity to engage with athletes and get your own signed memorabilia on our live stream no matter where you are!


Closing Thoughts:

2022 was an incredible ride, we managed to continue growth while laying the foundation for huge new things to bring to you for 2023. If you're just now finding us, or been a long time superfan, you'll want to keep following our journey. Buckle up, because TJ's just getting started!
-TJ Blogumas
Owner, Blogs Hobby Shop and CEO of Big Sports Marketing

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