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Introducing Brian aka BT! Our newest box breaker!

Dec 02, 2022Tj Blogumas

Would like to formally welcome Brian to the Blogs family! Brian, aka, BT will be our newest regular box breaker. Brian's breaks will run at 6PM CST during the week when full. 

Here is a little bit about Brian in his own words:

Hi, I'm Brian Thomas. I am originally from Connecticut but I moved to Florida in 2006 with my family. I literally collect anything of value to me, from my childhood. It started for me at a bus stop (which was also a local small store that sold Topps and Donruss) when I was in grade school in the 80's. In high school in the 90's I migrated to Magic The Gathering because of the competitive nature and the comradery at my local leagues. 

I was SUPER excited in 2008 when my then 8 year old told me they wanted to get into the Pokémon trading card game competitively! I have been collecting and playing pokemon ever since and am super excited that local, state and regional P.O.P. events are making their way back.  I can't wait to pull you guys some ultra rares and valuable rookie cards on stream live!

Checkout all our open box breaks on our website

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