The Hobby: Crack that Code Cheat Sheet

The Hobby: Crack that Code Cheat Sheet

May 11, 2024Tj Blogumas

New to the hobby? Just stepped back in after taking a few years off and not sure what all the new lingo means? We have you covered. The hobby has certainly changed since Covid hit and new collectors have hit the scene running. New ways of posting ads, running sales, and simply just selling your cards has become a science. Let us help you crack the code in what people are saying now with this quick guide to catch you up to speed on the current Hobby Phrases you will see. 

The Most Common Abbreviations used in the Hobby:

  • PC - Personal Collection
  • FS/FT - For Sale/For Trade
  • NFS/NFT - Not For Sale/Not For Trade
  • OBO - Or Best Offer
  • WTB - Wanting To Buy
  • ISO - In Search Of
  • F&F - Friends and Family (PayPal Transaction)
  • G&S - Good & Services (PayPal Transaction)
  • PSA - Autograph Authentication and Professional Grading
  • JSA - Authentication Company
  • BAS/BGS - Beckett Grading Services
  • TPA - Third Party Authentication
  • BIN - Buy In Now
  • BMWT - Bubble Mailer With Tracking
  • PWE - Plain White Envelope
  • BST - Buy, Sell, Trade
  • COA - Certificate of Authenticity
  • LOA - Letter of Authenticity
  • LCS - Local Card Shop
  • RC - Rookie Card
  • RP - Reprint
  • RPA - Rookie Patch Autograph
  • SP - Short Print
  • SSP - Super Short Print
  • USP - Ultra Short Print


Terms and Phrases you may also find from collectors:

  • Authenticate/Authentication - Determining if the signature, autograph, or card is a genuine item. This usually means it has been accessed by a professional authenticator/grading company.
  • Auto Patch Card - The card has a game-worn, player-worn, or manufactured piece of memorabilia in the card along with an authentic autograph by the person on the card.
  • Base Card - A set of trading cards that are the main and most abundant set of card in the set.
  • Blaster Box - This is a type of trading bard box that has 4 to 12 packs in the box. Typically in the Big Box Main Retail store like Walmart, Target, ect. You will find exclusive inserts in most blasters.
  • Case - This is a manufacturer Factor-sealed box of trading cards. Case hits come from these sealed Cases.
  • Checklist - The list of players/subjects that are in each set. You will find types of parallels, inserts, and variations as well with these checklists.
  • Coin and Date  - This is the method used to show that you're in physical possession of the trading cards and the size. Writing your name and the date on a piece of paper next to your item shows you really have this card. 
  • Configuration  - The amount of cards/packs/boxes in case a product contains.
  • Factory Sealed - The term used to a pack, box, or case of trading cards that has never been opened and remains in the original wrapping from the factory.
  • Hobby - The level of trading card release. The Hobby level usually has the best odds for higher end hits, autographs, patch cards and inserts. Hobby releases usually have exclusive inserts, autographs and trading cards you will not find in other levels (Blaster, Mega, Tmall).
  • Retail  - The level of trading care release. Retail level usually contains second-best chances for high-level hits, autographs, patch cards and inserts.
  • Short Print - Trading card that is not numbered, but only a low number of cards were produced in this set (SP).
  • Slabbing - The process of having your piece encapsulated. This is typically done by a professional grading company.
  • Super Short Print - Trading Card that is not numbered, but only a low number of cards were produced. More rare that the Short Print. (SSP)
  • Wax - The term used for unopened trading card products and boxes.

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