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Panini Prizm Football 2020 Update!

What's up guys. Want to give some info on the upcoming panini Prizm football. It's looking like 11/4/2020. Here's some important notes:
+ The color blasts are back, 1 in 10 cases
+ Stained glass is new. 1 in 5 cases
+ 2 silvers per hobby instead of 1
+ Snakeskin is 1 per case. this is coming over from Prizm draft this is huge
+ The hobby parallels are identical from last year, same numbering except hyper /174 instead of /175, and add snakeskin case hit. 13 hobby parallels to last year's 12. Retail parallels not released but excluding silver, last year had 13.
They did an awesome job not making too much changes, but the changes made were really well done
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