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The Wizarding World of Game Night

Jun 09, 2022Tj Blogumas
Everyone loves a good game night, right? We know we do here at Blogs Hobby Shop! Games are something we do regularly and believe us when we say we are so excited to expand our game nights into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Something that was brought to our attention recently was that EVERYONE is still obsessed with HP! I mean, don't get us wrong, who doesn't binge a weekend watching all 8 movies? We know we do at least once a month so what better way to test our Potterhead knowledge than with some thrilling new board games! All games we have tested out are from USAOPOLY and we cannot say how grateful we are to them for making these games so easy to follow and fun!
A tried and true classic we love is the World of Harry Potter Scrabble Edition! Need we say more at this point? Everyone knows how scrabble goes but what better way to spice up game night than with a muggle version of Scrabble!
The next game we cannot get over is all about the Death Eaters! Harry Potter Death Eaters Rising is an awesome game for some of your fellow Muggle Friends who fancy a cooperative board game! Defeat the Death Eaters as a team and take down 'YOU KNOW WHO' by casting your best wizarding spells and potions together!
As you can see, Harry Potter always will have your back at the next game night! Snag a few games and become the best Wizard or Witch by casting your best patronus spell to knock everyone off this broomsticks!

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