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Top 5 2020 Panini Football Hobby Box Products

Nov 02, 2020Tj Blogumas

Here in Blogs Break Room, we've ripped every 2020 product Panini has put out. Some are obviously greater than others. In our humble opinion, however, there is no horrible product put out by Panini. They've done a great job at baselining quality to a certain standard to ensure collectors can get in on any product line and enjoy the cards. Here is our take on the top 5 best products for 2020 football.

Number One: Phoenix

Reaching year five for the brand, 2020 Panini Phoenix Football maintains the fiery approach to NFL cardboard. Every Hobby box offers three hits that should include two autographs and one memorabilia card.


  • Thicker cards sport better durability for standing the test of time
  • Shiny cards are great, but not too much. These strike a perfect balance
  • Edgy and new-age but hold true to that old school look

Number Two: Mosaic

Although likely familiar to NFL collectors, 2020 Panini Mosaic Football is the official debut for the colorful Optichrome line in the football card world. The Prizm-based brand became a basketball favorite before shifting to NFL fans.


  • First year debut product will have lasting value for the brand
  • Again, thicker base cards which is better for standing the test of time
  • Optichrome is just the perfect amount of shine
  • More expensive than Phoenix which is why it lands just below

Number Three: Luminance

Still one of the more distinct NFL sets in its third season, 2020 Panini Luminance Football uses full-bleed photos and stylized text to create a unique look. Hobby boxes average three autographs and one relic.


  • Unique Box, you can always tell Luminance apart from other products
  • 3 Autos and 1 Mem is a fantastic deal
  • Fantastic value compared to other product

Number Four: Origins

Featuring distinct stylings, 2020 Panini Origins Football remains popular thanks to the many on-card autographs. Each Hobby box averages one hard-signed rookie autograph, along with one jumbo patch autograph and one relic. FOTL boxes promise one on-card rookie autograph numbered to 17 or less.


  • Same reasons as Luminance
  • Only 7 cards per box and more expensive than Luminance makes it hard to buy the product by itself. Better to experience in box breaks.

Number Five: Certified

I'll be honest guys, this one is a no brainer to make the top 5 list. Showcasing the signature Mirror parallels, 2020 Panini Certified Football is home to top NFL stars and rookies. Collectors can expect one Freshman Fabric Signatures card, one additional autograph and two relics per Hobby box. The 1st Off the Line (FOTL) boxes also have four hits, but the total includes one exclusive Freshman Fabric Signatures Mirror Etch card (#/50 or less) and one exclusive New Generation Relic Mirror card (#/50 or less).


  • AFFORDABLE! Your average collector can actually afford to purchase a hobby box by itself and enjoy the cards
  • Great mix of inserts and parallels 
  • Big money potential hits but still plenty of cards to enjoy ripping the packs


Every product is great. This list will surely cast a debate. Yes, we know we left off the super expensive "National Treasures" boxes, they are just out of the price range for too many in the hobby. We focused on what the average collector would enjoy.

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