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Top 5 2021 Panini Football Hobby Box Products

May 23, 2022Tj Blogumas
In Blogs Break Room, we have ripped every 2021 Panini Football Hobby Box product that has been produced. Some boxes are out of this world while others are just standard. In our opinion, from previous breaks and personal rips, there are a few STAND OUT 2021 Panini Football Hobby Boxes out there that we cannot turn our heads from. They have done a fantastic job at maintaining a baseline quality to ensure collectors and buyers can get in on any product line and still enjoy the cards. Here is Blogs Hobby Shop take on the Best Products we have seen thus far in our rooms.

2021 Panini One Football Hobby Box

Continuing the success from previous years, One still brings you ONE on-card auto per box! All the autographs in One are on-card autos from top NFL rookies, legends and current stars! Patch card Autos include prime and super prime memorabilia. Cards collectors are chasing in this product are Opti-Chrome Inserts (Once Upon a Time Signatures, Precision Rookie Patch Autos & Formula One Autographs)
  • 1 Autographed Card
  • Encased in a one-touch with a security sticker
  • Guaranteed Hit with every box!


2021 Panini National Treasures Football Hobby Box

One of the most-anticipated releases of the year was National Treasures! Looking for all the top rookies with the always popular Rookie Patch Autographs, which features on-card autographs and oversized patches, all #’d/99 or less! Collectors are chasing multi-signed Treasure Chest Signature booklet cards, which include 12 autographs and are limited to 5 or less!
NEW to 2021 National Treasures, Panini added National Archives Signatures, Signature Treasury, Heirlooms, Framed Fabric, Treasured Rookies, Crossover Rookie Patch Dual, and Rookie First Edition Signatures Booklets.
  • High Quality Cards in EVERY Box.
  • 3 Autographs, 3 Memorabilia's, 1 Base/Insert, and 1 Base/Insert Parallel.
  • Most boxes also offer more Autographs and Memorabilia Cards!

2021 Panini Clearly Donruss Football Hobby Box

One of the highly anticipated released of the year was the 2021 Clearly Donruss Football. A personal favorite in Blogs Break Rooms with all the clear cards adding a diverse collection to your bag. Expected pulls from these boxes include Acetate Autographs, Parallels and Inserts from a stellar rookie class.
  • Unique cards to add to anyone collections.
  • 1 Auto, 1 Insert, 2 Parallels, 8 Rated Rookies, and 8 Base Cards.
  • Fantastic value compared to other product


2021 Panini Playbook Football Hobby Box

2021 Panini Playbook has and will always be a favorite with Blogs. 4 cards in every box with 4 Autos or Memorabilia Carts. The playbook stands out because every box contains 1 Playbook Auto and Memorabilia Card with a stellar line up of players in every box! This box will not disappoint the avid collector looking to bag a hit!
  • 1 Playbook in every box!
  • 4 Auto/Memorabilia Cards.


2021 Panini Gold Standard Football Hobby Box

Gold Standard. Enough is said in the the name itself. The 2021 Panini Gold Standard again sets the bar high with quality cards and hits in every Gold Bar Box. Each box has a great array of top drafted 2021 Rookies, Veterans and Retired Stars. Something new Gold Standard brought to the game this year is autograph inserts that feature signatures from the legends of the game’s of the past and present.
  • Quality of these 7 cards is nothing that isn't unnoticed. 
  • Great mix of Rookies, Veterans and Retired Stars.  
  • 5 Autographs/Memorabilia Cards
Final Thoughts:
Panini never seems to disappoint the card community. They produce some the cleanest hits we have seen to date still. The quality and care Panini puts into their products show greatly in their boxes. The vast range in pricing also attracts us as collectors because they always have something for everyone! Yes, they have 'Certified' that houses tons of base cards and autos for every collector out there, but we wanted to focus on the top boxes we see the most heat from!

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