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Blogs Box Breaks - Everything You Need to Know

Oct 05, 2020Tj Blogumas

Next month you will start to see some exciting changes to our box breaks! We want to detail some of those changes in this post as well as clarify some additional information.

First: What is a Box Break?

Great question! Box Breaks have become popular products for those interested into card collecting for several reasons. In the past, card manufacturers have kept prices low and sold lots of cards. This created a problem of devalued cards that weren't worth keeping around. To solve this problem, manufacturer started selling less cards but for much higher prices. In addition, special autograph and memorabilia cards have become much harder to come by. This has made buying boxes which might have high value cards much more risky for casual collectors and potentially leaving them with many cards they do not care for.

Enter "The Box Break" where in typical formats "Breakers" such as Blogs Hobby Shop have a mix set of boxes in which you may purchase a team. You then receive all the cards for that team that are opened in every pack in every box. This means you get the cards you really care for, much cheaper, and still have a chance to hit high-value cards.

Second: Are there different formats?

Yes! Some of which include:
  • Pick-Your-Team (PYT): You buy a specific team, all cards opened for that team are yours.
  • Buy 1, Get 1: You are able to buy a specific team, teams with the highest value cards are locked. Once half the teams are sold, the remaining teams are randomly assigned to everyone in the break
  • Random Teams: You purchase a slot and get a random team assigned. 

So what's changing?

We will begin to clarify the 3 different tiers of breaks we have. These tiers include:

  • Value: $20 PYT format always! Boxes opened will be blaster boxes or up to 1 hobby box.
  • Premium: Average price range between $15-$100. Boxes opened will include 3-6 Hobby Boxes.
  • MEGA: Average Price range between $40-$200+. These include premium boxes. Typically will include 6-9 Hobby Boxes.

In addition, we will begin running breaks on the following schedule:

  • Weekly: Football breaks - 1 Value, 1 Premium, 1 Mega
  • Weekly: Baseball breaks - 1 Premium
  • Monthly: Basketball breaks - 1 Premium or Mega
  • Monthly: Hockey breaks - 1 Value or Premium


We are still finalizing the details on our new break subscription but what we can tell you is that for subscribing you will receive: 

  • 1 Free Entry into any Value Break
  • Free Shipping on every Break Purchase or 10% off any break purchase (whichever is greatest!)

Interested in learning more? Fill out our interest form here and you will be the first to know!

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Comments (4)

  • thank you for having me join here. past week has been fun and watching you open and joke around with us. Hockey for the first time you did was great and not knowing the teams well yet but you will learn real quick. looking foward for tonight and next month hockey also.

    Daniel M Holloway
  • Have really enjoyed your site & breaks, like the subscription idea for sure

    Jim K
  • I love the idea of a subscription service. I think you’ll see my name on that ticker more often!

    Tom Hall
  • I have enjoyed all the breaks I have been apart of here and look forward to hitting myself CeeDee Lamb Auto in the future!


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