How Do I Value My Sports Cards?

How Do I Value My Sports Cards?

Jul 17, 2023Tj Blogumas

How Do I Find the Value of My Sports Cards?

This is the most common question you hear when collecting, trading, and selling sports cards. We have to start with the end idea in mind though, who has the same cards, in a similar condition and that has been recently sold. Think of how you buy and sell your cars, we look up similar makes, models, and mileage and base our price off that. But what about sports cards? How do I find these past sales and get an idea of what the value may be?

Let's dig into this for you and hopefully answer your question!

How to Value Your Sports Cards

1. Select which card you are wanting to find the value of.

We will be using this cards as an example for this articles.

2. Who Manufactured the Card? 

You can locate this on the back of the card. In this care, this is Panini.

Other manufacturers may be Topps, Bowman, Fleer, Leaf, ect.

3. What year was the card from?

The year a card was printed is usually the year after stats on the back of the card. It is also helpful to take note of the card number. This card's year in question is 2020.

4. What condition is the Card in?

Things to keep in mind is how the card looks.

How is it's centering?

Are the corner's in perfect condition? - Sharp, rounded, creased?

What is the surface of the card like: - Scratched, bent, dented, bumps, peeling, clean?

Are there any marks or print defects?

5. Start your search with eBay.

Look up your card in the search bar. This is the first step in finding a value of what your card may have been sold for recently. Ebay will show you exactly what each card has sold for in a variety of conditions.

*Be sure to check the box on the left side bare that says "Sold Listings"

6. Go the 130point for your next search.

130Point  is the next part of your search. You will be able to input your search and find same and similar cards. 130 Point will search all sales channels and give your a wide range in pricing.

7. How do I figure our my price after my search?

It is enticing to look at the highest value possible for your card but you cannot forget to think about your cards current state. PSA 9 and PSA 10 graded cards will sell at the highest value. If your card is raw (non-graded), it is best to find recently sold cards that are also ungraded and in the same condition.

8. Log your results and value your card!

You've done the research and learned your card hold value in may aspects. Now its time to set your price! Always remember, your card holds whatever value you believe it holds. If a card holds sentimental value, you may want to hold onto the card.



PSA Grading

If you are thinking your card may hold more value if graded, please note, there will be time and expense for this. However, graded cards will always hold the most value over time. If you are wanting to look into this, follow this link for submitting your cards.



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